State sync

In order to use this feature, you will have to edit a couple of things inside your ~/.realionetwork/config/config.toml file, under the statesync section:

  1. Enable state sync by setting enable=true

  2. Set the RPC addresses from where to get the snapshots using the rpc_servers field:

    • See Peer & Seeds information in order to get RPC addresses in our discord group

  3. Get a trusted chain height, and the associated block hash. To do this, you will have to:

    • Get the current chain height by running:

      curl -s <rpc-endpoint>/commit | jq "{height: .result.signed_header.header.height}"
    • Once you have the current chain height, get a height that is a little lower (200 blocks) than the current one. To do this you can execute:

      curl -s <rpc-endpoint>/commit?height=<your-height> | jq "{height: .result.signed_header.header.height, hash: .result.signed_header.commit.block_id.hash}"
      # Example
      # curl -s <rpc-endpoint>/commit?height=100000 | jq "{height: .result.signed_header.header.height, hash: .result.signed_header.commit.block_id.hash}"
    • Now that you have a trusted height and block hash, use those values as the trust_height and trust_hash values. Also, make sure they're the right values for the Realio Network version you're starting to synchronize:

      State sync height range

      RealioNetwork version

      0 - 1235764


    • Here is an EXAMPLE (no not copy!) of what the statesync section of your ~/.realionetwork/config/config.toml file should look like in the end (the trust_height and trust_hash should contain your values instead):

        enable = true
        rpc_servers = ""
        trust_height = 100
        trust_hash = "E8ED7A890A64986246EEB02D7D8C4A6D497E3B60C0CAFDDE30F2EE385204C314"
        trust_period = "336h0m0s"
  4. Add peers to ~/.realionetwork/config/config.toml file:

TIP Our discord group is a great source for getting peer information from the community. After joining the Discord Group, look for the #testnet-seeds-peers channel or the #mainnet-seeds-peers channel and ask the current members for one if needed.

Add these seeds here to the ~/.realionetwork/config/config.toml file

seeds = "....." 
peers = "....."

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